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CAS: 91-20-3

Molecular formula::C10H8

Molecular weight: 128.17

Physicochemical properties:The simplest condensed ring aromatic hydrocarbon of naphthalene, consisting of two benzene rings, commonly known as "sanitary balls"". It is one of the main products of coal tar processing. In the industrial naphthalene with crude naphthalene (naphthalene and naphthalene Press) and refined products form. Naphthalene is colorless monoclinic crystal, easy to volatile, sublimation, has a strong tar flavor. It is flammable and can form explosive mixture with air; its petroleum ether solution is red violet fluorescence under mercury lamp, almost insoluble in water, soluble in ether, alcohol, benzene and other solvents. Naphthalene vapor and dust absorbed in the human body or absorbed through the skin can cause poisoning, the maximum allowable concentration in the air is 20mg/m3. Naphthalene is one of the basic raw materials of plastics, paints, dyes, medicine and pesticide industry, has directly as clothing, fur mothproof health ball.

Boiling point ℃

218 °C

Flash point℉

174 °F

Density g/mL

0.99g/mL at 25 °C

Quality index:





colorless monoclinic crystal

colorless monoclinic crystal



More than 95%

Usage:Naphthalene is the most important acenes in industry, mainly used in the production of various kinds of phthalic anhydride, naphthol, naphthylamine, is the production of synthetic resin, plasticizer, dye intermediates, surfactants, synthetic fibers, coatings, pesticides, medicine, spices, rubber chemicals and pesticides raw materials. The use distribution of naphthalene varies from country to country. For the production of phthalic anhydride accounted for roughly 70%, used for dye intermediates and rubber additives accounted for about 15% of the pesticides accounted for about 6%, accounting for about 4% of the tanning agent. The United States for the production of pesticides in large proportion, is mainly used for the production of carbaryl. With naphthalene as raw material, many intermediates can be obtained by sulfonation, nitration, reduction, amination, hydrolysis and other unit operations. The application also refined widening, new product "super plastic materials" that naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, can be used as cement additives, increase the plastic deformation of concrete without reducing the strength. Demand will grow at a rate of 5-10% in the next few years.

Packaging:Woven bags (lined with plastic bags) 50 kg / bag, liquid naphthalene can be shipped by car tankers.